Care Programs

As the founder of Big and Small Tortoise Rescue and Sanctuary, I see a wide variety of cases and have acquired a lot of experience regarding proper care, including raising healthy hatchlings, preventing chronic and preventable illnesses, acute injuries, and rehabilitative care for rescue tortoises. I am happy to share my experiences and advice casually. However, to learn everything I know, we offer a few care programs….

The Complete Care Program:

This program is meant to guide you in providing the best care possible for your tortoise and avoid chronic illnesses (therefore avoiding vet bills and unnecessary stress) especially for novice or first time owners.  Preventative care is the best medicine!  We will help you provide the right care from the start, avoid mistakes, and avoid the stress of navigating inconsistent recommendations all keepers hear when first starting out. Although the information presented in the program is complex and scientifically founded, we will make the program very clear and concise. See table below for details.

Experienced Owners Program:

The Basic and Basic+ programs are designed for experienced tortoise owners who prefer to do their own research, and do not necessarily need ongoing consultation regarding standard care routines.  These programs are designed for individuals that understand the value in testing lighting and ongoing health assessments. See table below for details.

Complete Care Program – New Sign UpComplete Care Program – RenewalExperienced Owners Program – BasicExperienced Owners Program – Basic+
Educational Care CourseX
Lighting Test (Using a SolarMeter and an Infrared Temp Gun)XXXX
Health TrackingXXXX
Food SamplesXX
Weighing Scale (for small to mid-sized tortoises)XX
Ongoing 1:1 consultationsXX