Experienced Care Program – Basic


This program is designed for owners who are experienced in basic care and do not need ongoing consultation.  The program is designed for individuals that do not want to purchase their own solar meter and would like to use this kit to track the health of their tortoise.  Please email bigandsmalltortoise@gmail.com for additional questions!

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The Experienced Care Program (Basic) costs only $100 yearly ($150 will be refunded after the solarmeter and temperature gun are returned).

The program includes (photos are representative of items received but may vary): 

  • UVB light testing (shipping a Solar Meter 6.5 [on loan] provided)
  • Heat testing (shipping an infrared temperature gun [on loan] provided)
  • Heath Tracking (Account to record your tortoise’s profile, status, and weights. Data will be shared to Big and Small Tortoise Rescue and Sanctuary database to aide in benchmarking.  Benchmarking compares your tortoise to all other users to see how your tortoise’s health compares.)

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