Sponsorship / Sanctuary Stay

By sponsoring a tortoise, this allows the tortoise to stay in the sanctuary with us! Some tortoises cost more than others (i.e. vet bills, requiring new pens), but we generally ask for a $20 per month donation for outside sponsorship of any non-sulcata species of tortoise. However, if you are the previous owner, the donations we ask are the following:

Small SpeciesUp-front$100$100
Medium SpeciesUp-front$200$200
Large SpeciesUp-front$300$300
** Note: We ask for more financial support for males only because they are housed alone and take more resources/space. Also, up-front donations are one-time only and are used for initial vet bills (i.e. any deworming needed, etc) or building new enclosures for the tortoise, whereas the monthly donations are ongoing as long as you’d like the tortoise to stay with us.

Sponsorship donations can be received as checks monthly or yearly. If it’s more convenient, you can also set up a subscription plan where you will get charged automatically each month through your paypal account. We will send donation receipts when requested -OR- after subscriber cancels payments.

To setup a sponsorship subscription, please click the button above, set the donation amount, and make sure to check the box to make this a reoccurring payment before submitting.

Email bigandsmalltortoise@gmail.com to confirm which tortoise you are sponsoring and let us know if you would like to visit the tortoise.