Tortoise Care

One of our missions is to educate other tortoise-keepers about proper care. Every tortoise keeper seems to be a “self-proclaimed” expert, screaming advice left and right to beginners (sometimes just like themselves). What puzzles me is that many times our expertise comes from what has worked for us. However, just because the ill-effects of inadequate care have not surfaced yet, does not mean it is the best care. Tortoises can live a very long time, and until we carry out certain care practices for a life-time, we can’t really say whether or not it is the best. Therefore, we do not solely rely on “what works,” but scour the past and current scientific literature. Presented here, is a mini-review of scientific literature that we have uncovered, in the most non-biased context possible. These are not our opinions, but a summary of what we have found in our research. The controversial and advanced topics that will be covered through this section include:

  1. Calcium Supplementation – good or bad?
  2. Oxalic Acid – what are they and why are they hard to avoid?
  3. Pyramiding – the truth about the cause?
  4. Urates (Protein in Diet) – what do they mean?
  5. Water Conditioners – are they safe?
  6. Organic vs Non-Organic Greens – what to buy?
  7. Substrates – What soils are safe?
  8. Enclosures – tanks or no tanks?
  9. Lighting – what are my options?