Educational Program

>>>>>Update Sept 2022: We are done with in-person visits for the program this summer due to the changing weather. We will start up the in-person programs again next summer.

We are now ready to start the summer 2022 educational program for kids (and parents 🙂 )! We are so excited! To give you an idea of what’s to come, we will be doing:

  1. Discovering tortoise native regions (~9am to 10am) We will sit together and learn about the variety of tortoises in the wild. We will learn about native habitats for common species like Russians, redfoots, sulcatas and leopards. Kids will receive a handout with activity pages and educational reading.
  2. Tortoise Observing (~10am to 11am). We will visit with and feed tortoises we have learned about. But we will see many different species including Redfoot, Russian, Sulcata, Leopard, Elongated, Hingeback, Desert, Hermanns, Greek, Yellowfoot.
  3. Learning how to properly keep tortoises (~11am to 12pm). We will learn about common mistakes keepers make, which lands many tortoises in the rescue. We will learn why rescues for tortoises are needed. We will do a fun activity testing different lighting options for tortoises. Kids will “adopt” their own stuffed tortoise that they can take home.