Summer 2019 Project Goals

$25 of $2,000 raised

For the summer 2019, our goal is to fund the following projects:

7 wooden huts ($25/each , 0 funded so far)

So we can replace some plastic and cardboard box hides.  Plastic hides blow away and cardboard boxes obviously don’t last long in the rain!  


7 months worth of food ($50/month , 0 funded so far)

Continuous funding for food to feed all the tortoises is a financial relief that helps us build funds for other big projects!


10 Tortoise Talks planned for the 2019-2020 year ($50/talk , 0 funded so far)

Teaching others about these wonderful creatures and educating them on proper care is part of our mission. 


3 additional outdoor pens ($75/pen , 0 funded so far)

One of the most impactful items we can add to our facility is more enclosures, so we can open our doors to more tortoises!  


3 indoor plant growing systems ($100/each , 0 funded so far)

Once set up and running, we will hopefully have a self-sustaining food source!  We would like to have these on rotation. 


1 multi-level indoor enclosure ($150 , 0 funded so far)

Again, more enclosures mean we can open our doors to more tortoises!  


1 supply of UV lights ($300 , 0 funded so far)

Mercury vapor bulbs are replaced yearly, and by the end of summer we will be due for another set of bulbs!

Projects funded will be updated as they are funded!  Thank you for anything that you can help with! 

All donations below, are handled through PayPal (the email entered must be associated with a PayPal account.

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Donation Total: $25