Adopted Alumni

These are just some of the happy tortoises that we have helped find their forever homes! Everyone who has adopted from us is encouraged to send us photos of your tortoise in their new home to be featured here! Thanks!

Mighty Homercleze (now named Tulip) is a 15-20 year old female sulcata that was hatched at The Ark Pets and More, which was a pet shop that used to be located in Ames, Iowa. She was raised by her original owners in Iowa, but now has been adopted to a grateful family in Georgia. She will enjoy the mild winters and sunshine!
Jack is a 13+ year old sulcata who was raised in Illinois. He was adopted by his forever home in Georgia and now enjoys all the sunshine he can get!
George (aka Georgia) is a 10+ year old female sulcata. She was from Michigan and was adopted to a family in Missouri with 30+ years of tortoise keeping experience.
Bonnie lives in Illinois, and was adopted to a very knowledgeable owner who even grows her own greens!
North Star was raised in central Iowa and was adopted with a very excited family in Eastern Iowa!
Michael was raised in Chicago and was adopted to a knowledgeable long-time leopard tortoise keeper in Missouri!
Bowser was raised in Chicago as well as somewhat in Michigan. He was adopted to a family in the Chicago area.