By sponsoring a tortoise, this allows the tortoise to stay in the sanctuary with us! Some tortoises cost more than others (i.e. vet bills, requiring new pens), but we generally ask for an average $20 per month. You can set it up as a subscription payment where you will get charged automatically each month through your paypal account, and can cancel at any time. We will send donation receipts when requested -OR- after subscriber cancels payments.

To setup a sponsorship, please click the button above, set the donation amount to $20 or more, and make sure to check the box to make this a reoccurring payment before submitting.

Email bigandsmalltortoise@gmail.com to confirm which tortoise you are sponsoring and let us know if you would like to visit the tortoise. Please see below for those that are in need of sponsorship!

Those needing sponsorship [ Updated 12/1/2020 ] :

Athena (right) – She is a Russian tortoise who arrived recently. The plans we had with an adopter fell through so she stayed here longer than expected. In this time she has become a part of the female only russian group and fits in great. If she can find sponsor, she’s welcome to stay!
Rosie – Redfoot Female
Rosie is a unique and big girl (~20 lbs), who is deserving for sponsorship because she had a recent illness that continues to need attention.
Annie – Redfoot female
Annie is from the Omaha area, and is looking for sponsorship to stay in the sanctuary because this is the wish of the past owner.
Bronte – Elongated tortoise – 1 year old
Small, but feisty – this guy will attach every squiggly worm you place in front of him! He is looking for sponsorship.
Sherlock – Home’s Hingeback Tortoise – Male – Adult, Age Unknown
Sherlock is a very unique tortoise, and is one of our most shy tortoises. He is also one of our most deformed and mistreated from previous owners – therefore one of the most deserving
of a spot in the sanctuary!
Mack – Greek Tortoise – Male
Mack has been with us from the beginning of the rescue. He was the first tortoise surrendered to the official organization, and has so far, been our only Greek Tortoise.
Doozie – Redfoot Tortoise – Male – 14+ years old
Doozie is a special tortoise that has a really fun personality. He is so curious of everything! He is improving so much here at the rescue and I want him to continue on this track!

Those that have sponsorship [ Updated 12/1/2020] :

Auggie – Russian Tortoise Male
Auggie is a feisty little guy who has an attitude like no other! He is being sponsored by his owner! Thanos, he’s a joy to have around!
Shelby is a healthy girl and is sponsored by her previous owners 🙂
She’s one of the biggest Russian tortoises you will ever see, measuring in at ~5 pounds. She is sponsored by a adopter of another Russian tortoise, so you could say they have a big heart for Russian tortoises!
Mrs. T has some cosmetic issues like a deformed shell and a funky eye, but she is a sweetheart and is sponsored by a Russian tortoise owner who also has a big heart for Russian tortoises!
Tilly is sponsored by the same individual that sponsors Mrs.T! Tilly does not have good use of his rear legs and is one of the most deserving 🙂
Jake is sponsored by his previous owner and a good friend 🙂 They sponsor him and donate much more in addition. Thank you!
Tucker is sponsored by a Redfoot tortoise owner who rescues them herself. She is a tortoise lover in general and has a big heart!
Eli and Ely
Eli and Ely are desert tortoises who are supported by their previous owner. Another individual that donates regularly pitches in towards their sponsorship. These guys are well deserving as we know how special this species is.
Gief – This big sulcata was found roaming Des Moines Oct 2019. Because he has ongoing health issues, he is preferred to stay here and thankfully a fellow tortoise lover donates regularly for his care 🙂