Meet Our Sanctuary Tortoises

Our redfoot group! Left to right – Olive, Littlefoot, Ducky, Annie, Jake, Tucker. 
Olive came from Minnesota, Littlefoot and Ducky from Iowa, Annie from Nebraska, Jake from New Hampshire, and Tucker from Illinois.
Doozie the little male cherryhead redfoot. His owners brought him here from S. Dakota!
Rosie, our largest female redfoot weighing in at ~20lbs.
Her owners brought her all the way from Michigan!
During Spring 2019, we were able to experience a few baby redfoots hatching! This was a new experience for us (and will be a limited experience). We are excited to gain valuable knowledge in the hatching process and raising vulnerable hatchlings. Pictured: Littlefoot (Mother) with her babies who were named Biggie, Birdie, and Bug. They are from two different clutches, laid about a month apart, but all hatched within a few days of each other.
It was very interesting and educational for us to see how these little ones grow and change early in their lives. Their shells are very delicate at first and almost pliable. Even when one was folded up, it straightened out in the first few weeks and appeared completely normal.
Eli and Ely are desert tortoises, native to the SW United States, that have a pretty amazing story! They were purchased by a young boy and his family at Reptile Gardens in S. Dakota back in 1964 for $1 each! So, although the desert tortoise is a federally protected species through the Endangered Species Act, Eli and Ely are a legal private collection because they were purchased prior to the desert tortoise being listed as endangered (in 1989). Now the reside at our sanctuary and are here to stay!
Please see this very educational documentary about how the USGS is doing their best to prevent the extinction of this species.
Our group of Russians! From left to right – 
Tilly, Camper, Shelby, Mrs. T, and Speedy (our big girl!)
These are the female Russians, which are housed together. They follow each other everywhere! They are (left to right), Speedy, Mrs. T, and Shelby.
Our big Leopard Tortoise, Squirt!
Our baby leopards, Seabee, Popeye, and Silas!
Dozer our Sulcata, which began my interest in starting a rescue.
Mack, our little Greek! This guy is tiny but super-active!
Bronte, our only Elngated Tortoise! This species is really growing to be a favorite.
Sherlock, our homes hingeback. He has given us valuable experience with a unique species!