Our Facility

In the summer months, all tortoises are allowed to live outdoors full time, and only brought inside when storms may become dangerous. They absolutely love the summer Iowa weather and thrive during this time!

Photo of our most recent outdoor pens (Photo from 2020)
Larger pens are arranged for groups that get along well! This is a photo of our redfoot group. (Photo from 2020)
Other larger pens go to larger tortoises! These guys are grass-grazers so we must provide them with enough grass to graze as well as space to explore. You’d be surprised how quickly they can mow down your entire lawn! (Photo from 2020)
Tortoises all need to feel secure in their home, as well as a place to escape the direct sun, so they all get little wooden huts. We are working to add shrubs and bushy plants to provide more coverage as well. (Photo from 2018)
In the past we have also tried to add removable shade covers to combat the heat on some of the hotter days (Photo from 2018)
We also try to plant edible weeds for a variety in their diet. (Photo from 2017)

Unfortunately, Iowa winters are harsh. As of now, tortoises all must come indoors for the winter months. We have quite a good setup for small to medium sized tortoises, currently (photos below). We are working to find greenhouse space that may be more appropriate for housing larger tortoises over winters in our climate.

Indoor enclosures are multi-level table-type setups. Screen surrounds each table for adequate air-flow and for the tortoise’s safety.
Another image of the indoor enclosures
Speedy, our large female russian, enjoying her time indoors out of the snow!
A few of our baby leopard tortoises enjoying the basking spot.
Our redfoot group absolutely loves the cover of fake plants. Tortoises are aware, by smell, that they are fake and not food. Don’t be afraid to add any fake plants to an enclosure because the added benefit of providing a sense of security is worth it. Of course real is always best, but big tortoises tend to destroy or trample real plants quite fast!